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Cultivate What Matters: Goal Action and Goal Guide Compilation

Hello Everybody! How are your goals going for the year? Do you have an action plan for your goals? Do you feel like you need starter steps? Look no further, Lara Casey has you covered.

I love Lara Casey's Powersheets. They have really helped me to achieve so much already in the past four months!

I have compiled a list of Goal Actions from Lara Casey's Cultivate What Matters blog. These lists have helped me so many times. I compiled this list so that other would have an easier time finding goal actions and guides. In the future, if there are more added (which I hope there are), I'll add to this post and possibly create a new post!

Goal Action Ideas for Cultivating Faith - This was one of the first Goal Action Lists that I came across. This has some wonderful starting steps for every walk of faith. I love it. It really brings me happiness.

Goal Action Ideas for Parenting Goals - Becoming a parent was a huge ordeal for me many years ago when a little sticky finger girl named Rain…

This Week's Picks: April 22 - April 28

It's the final Friday in April Y'all! I have some favorites of the week for you today! It's things that I've purchased recently, that I'm researching or that I'm loving!

Also, a reminder that if you do Powersheets then it's time to do the monthly review and hash out the tending list!

Today is a very important day in Alabama history. It's one we all remember if you live here. On this day in 2011, fifty-five tornadoes came through the state of Alabama, changing our state. Ripping at the ground, but uniting us with helping hands. We remember the ones we lost that day, the buildings and homes where memories were made that were crumbled to the ground. But it's a reminder of the strength to carry on. April 27, 2011 Tornados- Praise You In This Storm4/27/11 - Tuscaloosa Tornado

Something that intrigued while reading one of my magazines this month was a prayer bowl. Intentionally praying for someone or something over and over and in your sight is a great thi…

Quarterly Book Talk: Winter 2018

How long would it take to go through a list of 75 books? A long time. And that list might be even longer. I realized that instead of talking about the books I read at the end of the year, why not do it throughout the year in a timely manner. This will not include the books from this month (April), but January through March only.

"Plain will never do. You are like a fine gem; you deserve a setting that will compliment you." - A Masquerade of Muerto ~ Patrice Greenwood
How many books can a person read in three months? It really depends, some may say five others will say three. I've read twenty I'm not boasting, because if I had it my way I would have read a lot more than

Grey - EL JamesPatient Privilege - Allison CassattaDarker - EL JamesReawaken - Christina LeeTea with Milk and Murder - H.Y. HannaMake It Happen - Lara CaseyA Fatal Twist of Lemon - Patrice GreenwoodA Sprig of Blossomed  Thorn - Patrice GreenwoodAn Aria of Omens - Patrice GreenwoodA Bodkin for the Bride - …

Mini Currents: 04.21.18 + Three Things for Earth Day

We live in a beautiful world. It's a gorgeous place if you take the time to look around. Sure, that restaurant might look lovely there, but what about the trees? Are you going to preserve some or just knock them all down?

More information about my currents and Mini Currents: Why CurrentsCurrents
And why I no longer do currents daily: Tea Time with Hunter Volume 5

Hiya! It's a great Saturday in the good ole Disney World! I finished my 10K this morning. Today has been one for the books! Below are my takes on helping your children learn about Earth Day and celebrating as a family!

1. Recycle!

2. Plant things or work in the garden or take a hike through nature.

3. Start a group a clean up on the side of the roads.

Girls Gone Wild at Animal Kingdom Disney Walt Disney World ShirtStella McCartney UltraBoost x Parley Running Shoe ADIDASFrochickie Chino Shorts VOLCOM, and Custom Disneyland Resort Annual Pass Holder black zebra floral Mouse Ears  - My daughters Rain and Luna had the…