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Quarterly Book Talk: Winter 2018

How long would it take to go through a list of 75 books? A long time. And that list might be even longer. I realized that instead of talking about the books I read at the end of the year, why not do it throughout the year in a timely manner. This will not include the books from this month (April), but January through March only.

"Plain will never do. You are like a fine gem; you deserve a setting that will compliment you." - A Masquerade of Muerto ~ Patrice Greenwood

How many books can a person read in three months? It really depends, some may say five others will say three. I've read twenty I'm not boasting, because if I had it my way I would have read a lot more than

  • Grey - EL James
  • Patient Privilege - Allison Cassatta
  • Darker - EL James
  • Reawaken - Christina Lee
  • Tea with Milk and Murder - H.Y. Hanna
  • Make It Happen - Lara Casey
  • A Fatal Twist of Lemon - Patrice Greenwood
  • A Sprig of Blossomed  Thorn - Patrice Greenwood
  • An Aria of Omens - Patrice Greenwood
  • A Bodkin for the Bride - Patrice Greenwood
  • A Masquerade of Muerto - Patrice Greenwood
  • Intermezzo: Spirit Matters - Patrice Greenwood
  • As Red as Any Blood - Patrice Greenwood
  • Depth of Field - Riley Hart
  • Color Me In - Riley Hart
  • The Winning Edge - Kiera Andrews
  • Whiteout - Elyse Springer
  • Old School Discipline - Misha Horne
  • Rock Solid - Riley Hart
  • American Queen - Sierra Simone
So out of these books which are my top 5? This is not an easy pick at all, because some of these I hold true to my heart. Also, seven of these were reread books and I did that so that I could read the next books in the series. So the top five of the year so far...


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