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Podcast List - Part 2

It's the end of this month and I've been listening again! Amongst everything else, I have still listened to these for you! I'm going to let you know about these three podcasts! This month was very sassy, slightly nerdy and fun filled!

You Gotta Listen!

Let's start off with the nerdy;


Gives you an adult spill on Harry Potter. Not like your parents spin on Harry Potter more like you reading Harry Potter again after almost 20 years through your adult eyes! Or an adult reading it for the first time.There are a few curse words that pop up in this one so little ears shouldn't listen unless that's okay with you. There are spoilers so be prepared! Know some Harry Potter trivia before beginning this podcast!
Rating: 4/5 stars

Forever 35 This podcast was recommended to me by Sorta Awesome Podcast. They said it was a lot like theirs. It's not exactly, but it's close!There are curse words in this podcast as well. So again with the little ears near you.They talk a…

2018 Summer Haul - Part 2

Receiving Gifts: 5 Love Languages

When you hear someone's love language is receiving gifts, most people think it's bad. It's my number one and I promise that this love language can be just as cheap as the other love languages. There is nothing wrong with loving small tokens from people.

Every birthday is a gift. Every day is a gift. - Aretha Franklin
When learning of your results to the 5 Love Languages quiz some people feel ashamed of their answers. I'm not ashamed of mine. I remember when I first took the quiz, The 5 Love Languages - My Take. Since then I have retaken the test and mine are very different than that first time.  I was pretty shocked by the turn events, but it makes sense because we go through different experiences. Especially life-changing ones.

What do I mean by that? Vincent retook his quiz on what his 5 Love Languages are. When we first took this test 4 years ago his worst concern was his thyroid, which grew to be Lupus. And now his acts of service is a lot more now. So make sure you upd…

Healthy Habits I've Added This Year

This year has been going great for me! I have really felt the joys of getting it together. What's been working for me and what hasn't been working for me and what's coming up in the wellness aspect of my life is really important to me.

Who knows maybe you'll discover new wellness resources in this post!

You know when you are in college or around that age, and life just seems to start piling on? Yeah, me too. I was pretty unhealthy all of my college years. I would "go" to the gym, but it was not a serious workout. The past few years, all of that has changed. I started running very seriously about five years ago and it has just improved since then.

Vitamins - I used to scoff at taking vitamins and seriously just thought they were for the elderly and children. Not so much anymore for me. It started about two years ago when I felt tired all the time. I couldn't shake it. My doctor recommended a multivitamin with iron. I cannot believe the difference in my body w…

My Top 6 Instagrammers to Follow Right Now

Hello Everyone! Today it's all about my favorite Instagrammers at the moment! The best part is they ALL have blogs (or a website) too! These people have really inspired me to either look at something different, try something different or even just do something different! Motivation at its finest!

Pictures and stories galore!

These are in no particular order, but just know that these are the people that I feel the most inspiration from every day. It's those people that help fire you up about living. I don't compare myself to them, because we all have our own struggles and stories to tell.

Jen Mackintosh - I discovered Jen when I was getting into my Simplified Planner (and don't worry this isn't all about planner people) and I was so impressed with how crisp her feed was! She is truly what I call GOALS! She has a great system of planners in place for her and I really admire that! If you DO want more planner people to follow check out A Pop of Jess's Planner Instagra…

You're Invited: Tending List Tuesday

Hello everyone! Today I'm excited about tomorrow. I know, I know don't wish your life away. I'm not actually, I'm living my life. If you've been reading my blog you know that I'm obsessed and loving my Powersheet Goal Planner. Tending List is a part of that.

This is your invitation to get to tending your goals!

Let's break this down invitations style!

What: Tending List Tuesday! What is exactly is a Tending List? It's your monthly goals broken down by goals achieved in the month, weekly, and daily. There is a live video where you can discuss your goals, ask questions, talk about what you've been working on with your goals. I highly recommend checking on that

Who: Lara Casey and the Cultivate team. You'll probably see Jess Thore who is just super sweet and makes you feel good about how you are tending your goals. She is very soft spoken and is very real with you about goals. Sometimes, if she cannot do it either Lara or another one of the team member…

Shopping for the Summer

Shopping spree? I haven't been done a huge shopping spree in a long time. I have been dealing with somethings personally. But this shopping spree is my start over. I will not be in Alabama much this summer. I'm excited about this transition. Now I didn't purchase all of this on my own. I have supportive friends, family and lot of leftover gift cards through the years that I'm putting to good use now!

Yes, this is a link heavy post. You don't have to click on everything. Just click what you want to in this post!

This is the newer stuff to me. I am still taking Keds shoes, Tieks, and all of my undies! Yes, this is a bunch of stuff. But I have done a lot of purging. It's time for some new stuff. I hope you enjoy!
Food NeedsTone It Up Meal Prep Collapsible Container 2pk Set

Tone It Up Water Bottle - White

Stasher Reusable Silicone Food Bag 7 inches (5)

Stasher Reusable Silicone Food Bag 4.5

Crock-Pot 4.5-Quart Manual Slow Cooker

LARGE Premium 3 Sets 3 Compartment Glass Mea…

Tea Time with Hunter May 2018

Hello friends! Spring is so here in Alabama! Heck, this week looks a lot like summer, welcome to the 90s. Which y'all know how happy that has me, not. Tea time is a little different. I'm drinking some sweet iced tea. So, pour you a glass and let's chat.

Relax... Eyes closed... Deep breath...

Hello again. I'm sitting here on my porch. Okay, I'm not sitting, I'm laying down because my foot started swelling this morning. In my April favorites, I mentioned that I developed a skin infection while at Disney World. I do not think the skin infection had anything to do with Disney World. There are a few theories of how I came to have this infection. One, it was an ingrown hair on my leg. Two, it's where I cross my legs. Either way, it hurt, and it still hurts. The doctors went in and lanced it. And for the record I had needles anyways, but when someone sticks the NUMBING shot in the center of your infection that is already hurting you want to hurt someone. You want to…

April 2018 Favorites

Hello May! I really hope May is a good one. I'm taking May pretty slow to grow. It's time to sit back for a little bit instead of constantly be doing something.

The secret garden is always open now. Open, and awake, and alive. If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden. - Frances Hodgson Burnett

So the month started off with Easter which was interesting this year, but nothing to write home about. Maybe next year! The beginning of the month was just me working, and preparing for the rest of the month by training for the half. I attempted the Ruthless Decluttering challenge with Emily Ley. Around the time we left for Disney World, Chris got really sick and bowed out of going to Disney World with us. So it was just me, Luna, Rain and their Uncle D. I also around this time learned how to really utilize my Simplified Planner. And then I hurt my leg, or so I thought. Turns out that I had a skin infection/infect hair follicle that literally went crazy. I wa…