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May 2018 Favorites

Well, goodbye May. May kind of went by in a whirlwind. May was harder and if I'm being honest, I'm not so sure June will be easier or better. I am having to face a lot of fears that I never thought I would have to face this way.

But there are some good things coming out of May and I want to share them with you.

May, unfortunately, was nothing but worrying about my leg with its skin infection. Or at least that's what I am calling it at this point. Even the great doctor that everyone recommended didn't know what to say. Also, Chris and I broke up. I'm not writing a tea time on that anytime soon so don't look for it. I watched two of my work best friends receive awards at work which I am so happy for them about in their jobs! I watched several of my children run a kid's triathlon. I started prepping for the summer. I am slightly bitter that May feels wasted to me because of this skin infection, or whatever it is. I had to have it lanced again and then I was out of work for a full week and I hated that.

The good thing that came out of this month, I grew in my faith. I learned that my faith was pretty small, but as long as I have faith then it is okay. I'm still learning to be brave with the Lord, but for now, I'm grateful that this has pushed me toward God.

I'm excited to show yall some of the new things I've been loving this month along with a thing or two from the past!


Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

I have heard so much about this product! I tried it for myself... WOW! It's great for your skin on your face! They say that even Kylie Jenner uses this!


Mama Cozzi's French Bread Pizza

I love all of the flavors of this cheap pizza! I buy these at Aldi they are great for the kids when they have to fend for themselves. They are fantastic for lunch. I love them because they really have the flavor of other pizzas without all of the fuss or... the price!


Mickey Mouse & Friends Mickey Mouse Stainless Steel Water Bottle

I love Target's new Disney stuff! It's epic line. This water bottle was very cute! I couldn't pass it up. I have been celebrating June with my friends from college and this just looks like pride to me. So, how well does it work? It works amazingly! Like almost as good as a Yeti. Yes, that good. The ice stays frozen! The drink tastes amazing!


Gilmore Girls

If there is one thing that I treasure about the first little girl to call me mom is our love for The Gilmore Girls. Rain treasures our relationship as mother and daughter because she has told me several times I'm the only mom she has ever known. She was a tiny tot when she came into my life and now she's all grown and sassy and sporty. This show is our together time. We have had some amazing life talks and lessons over it.


KIRA Women's Deep V Neck Long Sleeve Floral Unique Slim Fit Coss Wrap Crop Tops

This was given to me and I love it so much I have ordered it in other colors. It's so perfect with shorts or a maxi skirt. It's been a wonderful a top to have on hand. I am hoping to own a few more like it soon.

Tried & True Returning Favorite: 

The Golden Girls

I realize this never left but having this while I had the stomach in the middle of the month and then when I was on painkillers. I wanted comfort. I want something that I could watch or something that would soothe me to sleep if my best friend wasn't available. And trust me, she was the star in May for helping with me.

New Obsession:

The Reset Girl's Weekly Newsletter

This is how a newsletter should be! Don't get me wrong. I know people want to give big personal stories in a newsletter. But I love how Cori does her newsletter. I love, love the links! I look forward to this email every week. And Cori is real! Sometimes she forgets about the newsletter or doesn't have time. While some people may get mad about that I, on the other hand, am very glad because that means she's real. She's putting real thought into it.

Favorite Blog Post or YouTube Video:


Planning for our trips the rest of the year. We have one in July with the family and one in December possibly for something big, but we shall see what comes of that.

Mommy Favorite:

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope - We have little nerds in my house, and I am proud of that. They have loved this! And it's not just the toddlers enjoying this. Most of the kids are putting stuff under this microscope to see beyond what they can see with their own eyes. This is a great educational toy.


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