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7 Favorites of June 2018

GOODBYE JUNE! Please be gone! Ugh, I have always hated the month of June and as I get older it really doesn't get better. I have terrible memories associated with the month of June, and I just keep adding to them. But, there were way more good things from this month though!

I don't know where I am going, but I'm on my way.

So, before I tell you about my June I want to discuss what is going to be going on this month! If you follow A Pop of Jess, you know that in the month of May she did a whole month of blogs of things of 5. I am taking her idea and making all of my blogs having seven items in them. The seventh month of the year seven things in each blog. And this blog is no different.

So about my month. I started out June on the rocks. I just had my leg lanced AGAIN, but this time by a doctor who has the bedside manner of a rock. Which I knew that going into that, but I was told he would tell me what it was. He did. So, I had to deal with his attitude and be left in the dark about what the crap is on my leg. No, "call me if something comes up" or anything like that. Fine. In the meantime, I attempt to go work at the Happiest Place on Earth and that backfires. My leg gets terrible on the side. So I freak out and run home.

Home. Home to my kids, friends, family, and Vin. Home is where God wants me this summer. I can feel it in my bones. Since I am home, I decided that I would apply for a doctor that was accepting primary care patients. And I was accepted. I met with him and learned a lot. He wants to learn what is on my leg. Even though I'm almost sure he has it figured out. Possibly. Keep praying. I've learned to surround myself with Christian people and depend on God. To know that God keeps special people in your life for a reason.

Sterile Saline Wound Wash

After a month of taking care of the other wound, this was the route chosen by the doctor to do. Okay, he actually said to just wash it out with salt water. This was a huge blessing to find. It is super easy to use. In fact, we loved it so much here at our house we are going to keep it for travel and to just keep in our house!

Kenra Curl Glaze Mousse 13

So our AC went out at work and people at work wanted to see my hair in its natural state which is curly. So with this product, I was able to be cool at work and people loved getting to see my hair naturally! I liked wearing it like that for a few days for something different. This gives me yet another way to wear my hair! This product shined up my hair, defined the curls and make them hold up! I love the Kenra line!

100 Days to Brave: Devotions for Unlocking Your Most Courageous Self by Annie F. Downs

Instagram can get me into trouble. I see things, I want things, and I end up buying things. But, this devotional is amazing. It came at a time when I felt anything but brave. I'm only 30 something days into and I already feel like it's changing me. It is making think about being brave in my life. Annie F. Downs has a podcast, but this book should be the game changer for her. It is amazing! My best friend and I are doing it together.

Hello Fresh

We are totally late to this party at our house, but we do love this party! So many people had told me it was a waste. But it's not! We have enjoyed the nights in the kitchen. I had received two weeks of the two people plan for Christmas from a Groupon. I fell in love with how easy it is. My own complaint is that I'm not used to doing a lot of cooking so getting into the swing was hard on me. My only other complaint is that I'm not big on dark meat. And they like to go ahead and put dark meat into their meat pouches. I wasn't impressed with that. But that's my only complaints. We aren't doing this every week. We are doing it one week out of the month for broadening our palettes.

Kodiak Waffles

On Sorta Awesome, episode 142, Kelly talks about these waffles. Waffles that are life-changing, and I was like how can a waffle make your home smell so good and your kids go crazy over them? I was changed. I have since bought everything from the Kodiak. Why is Kodiak such a good brand? They are packed with the fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. And there is no GMOs, preservatives or artificial additives. And they really do smell up your entire house and they are really great for kids to snack on! We've tried all the flavors of waffles except dark chocolate, and we have loved all of the flavors!

Laura in the Kitchen 

This is my absolute favorite new thing! I've become obsessed. It hasn't helped that we have started using HelloFresh at home and my cooking skills were being stirred up anyways, but this has totally changed my outlook on how easy it is to be in the kitchen! She has tons of recipes! And she has really made me think about what I need in the kitchen! Realizing that I can make "take out" food at home is incredible. But I'm not taking all of the credit. Emily, Meg's sister from Sorta Awesome, actually talked about Laura on the podcast, episode 106. This favorite for some reason just stuck with me. I finally just looked it up and I was blown away. And yes I randomly listen to old episodes of Sorta Awesome.

Play Packs

These are not just for parties nor are they just for little kids. My preteen even enjoys these. I buy some online and some at Target for a dollar. It's amazing how easy it is to keep the kids entertained. However, please keep a pack of 24 crayons if you have a picky child that thinks things should be colored the correct way. Yes, I have several in fact of my children that feel this way. Is this just my children?

That's it for me and June. Like I said stick around on Mondays and Fridays for seven things each day! Let me know some of your favorites and if you've tried some of these things out above!


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