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7 Places to Go with My Best Friend

One of my favorite things to do is travel, and one of my favorite people is A Pop of Jess. So, I'm combining the two soon. We are going to travel everywhere together.

My list of our adventures is a little different from hers.

If you want to read her list before mine; TOP 5 MAY - PLACES TO VISIT WITH MY BESTIE. So a few are overlapping, but that's okay. We think alike. 

New Mexico

She's might get this right off the bat, but I'm gonna wager she is thinking what the heck. If she isn't I'm very impressed. We are going for some tea and opera! We have both read the Wisteria Tearoom series which takes place in New Mexico, and the tearoom in the book is actually based on a real tearoom in New Mexico! St. James Tearoom teatime experience looks amazing. I'm wanting to go so badly right now during their Peter Pan theme! And let's not forget the Santa Fe Opera house! We can even venture out to the Santa Fe Plaza and the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens!

Turks and Caicos

If there is one thing my best friend loves the most, it is the beach. So, after watching two different people on Instagram enjoy Turks and Caicos I just know I have to take my best friend there! Most likely we will stay at the Beaches Resort. And I wouldn't mind going to the conch farm either!


I put these two together because lately, that's how I've been visiting them. First, in London then Paris. I have to take my bestie on a double-decker bus. I have to take her to real tea. I have to show her the Peter Pan statue. And of course, ride the London Eye. Also on the list is the Harry Potter museum and Kings Cross Station! And as for Paris, there is the Effiel Tower, cooking classes, and Disneyland Paris! Plus, millions of macaroons for us to enjoy.


We've recently put this on our list together. There is one place in Greece that we know we want to go, and that is Santorini. It's so beautiful and peaceful. So many tours to do classical Greece. To see history before our eyes. Like visiting Athens to see the Parthenon. Of course, sailing is on the list as well!


Oh, home to Nashville with my best friend. She has never experienced any part of Nashville and it is high time to change that. While, of course, I will show her the Vanderbilt there are other things to show her like the Batman building. There is nothing like the Hardrock Cafe in Nashville. Letting her enjoy the famous biscuits of The Loveless Cafe. Visiting the three best bookstores in Nashville; McKays, Parnassus, and Her Bookshop.


This is where we completely turn into Lucy and Ethel. Besides doing some leisure strolling around near Piedmont Park and taking in the architecture of the buildings near the park, we can do so much! It can always be said that we can people watch. We can go to the Bliss Spa and enjoy a much-needed pampering. We can always do some shopping, and therefore we have to try out The Merchant. Since we are book lovers how can we not end up at the Margaret Mitchell House? And last but certainly not least we have to go to the Skyline Park!

Disney World

Ahhhh. Home. Oh, the things I cannot wait to show my bestie! The look on her face when she sees things! Telling her it's okay if she gets overwhelmed. I don't even know where to start with her being at my second home! Goodness, where do I even start? Probably with bestie and the arch. No. Packing! Well, maybe the call to book the reservation. You know what? I cannot wait to share everything Disney World with my best friend! We will just make a list an stay in every type of room at every resort.

Okay y'all I have to know, where would you take your best friend? What places have you been?


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