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Erin Condren Life Planner Tag 2018

Hello everyone! I did this tag back in 2015, and wow have things changed. I almost didn't use an EC this year. So this is even more interesting for me. Let's see what all has changed.

How do you plan? How do I plan? Stick around.

Let's get this party started!

1. Do you use any other planners beside EC LP?

Yes, I do in fact use an Emily Ley Simplified Planner.

2. Do you prefer simple pages or decorated pages?

A good between now. I used to pay $30 for a kit a week. And folks, that adds up.

3. What made you decide to purchase EC over other planners?

Well, I tried going without an Erin Condren and just using a Simplified Planner. I realized that I need a weekly to see what is coming up.

4. Do you own any other EC products other than your planner?

Oh yeah! Stickers, washi, stamps, vinyl, and dashboards

5. When do you do your planning, Morning, day or night? Do you plan daily?

Afternoon and night. I do a top three for the next day daily.

6. What supplies do you use more frequently?

Stickers, stamps, and stencils!

7. Do you carry it with you or leave it at home?

Oh, it goes with me to work and sometimes shopping. And it follows me on vacation.

8. Do you have a pouch for your planner or just put it in your purse?

It now has a folio home that protects it from scratches!

9. What pens do you use?

I used to be a huge fan of Staedtler (see my review here), but now I am a huge fan of Papermate Flair!

10. Do you use any inserts or dashboards?

Bill dashboard from EC, and the ruler. I have a travel dashboard.

11. Do you like the perpetual calendar?

I love it!

12. Do you use a color coding system?

I like the old one better, but as long as August stays yellow, October is orange, and July dark blue I'm good!

13. What would you like to see changed about the EC LP?

I love to see some sections to add. Which I know she has petite notebooks. But there isn't one for blogging yet. I'd also love to see different small things in the planner.

14. What covers do you have and what covers do you still want?

I have over 20 covers. I have several

15. What would you like included in the LP that isn't already there?

Blogging stuff!

16. What are your favorite aspects of the LP?

I love the week at a glance. I love the color tones. The way her brand is always changing, but they manage to stay true to her vision.

17. How do you use each section? Weekly? Monthly? Notes? Stickers? Zipper Pouch?

Weekly, is big stuff and lists! Monthly is appointments, meetings, challenges, blogs, etc. Stickers are mostly for organizational purposes now. I haven't used the zipper pouch in two years!

18. Favorite stores? In person and Online?

Pretty Sheepy, PlannerKate1, CreatingandCo, A Melancholy Moose (whom I have just bought stickers from) and Paper & Glam

19. Do you have a name for your planner?

No. I don't. I call it my EC.

20. Do you have your name on your cover, a quote, or both?

I usually go with my blog name or quotes.

There you go! Get ready next for the planner update! I'll be talking about how I use both of my planners together! Let me know about your planner!


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