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July 2018 Favorites

Hey y'all! I cannot believe it's almost autumn!!! I keep waiting for the hint of fall to slip between the windows. That crisp air the slips into your lungs. Oh yeah, I'm still in August. Back to July though for just a second.

August the sunday of summer.

How has the month gone? Well, it started with me right back at the doctor's office because I was afraid about my leg still. And the doctor enlightened me on something, my B12 level was so low that they were extremely concerned. A normal range it appears is from 1,000 to 200. This girl here? 120, and it comes with a lot of negative things that I just thought was part of life. I've been getting weekly shots all month, and then it goes to monthly now.
We went to Disney World. We actually began celebrating the fact that I am better with shots now. We seriously had pins that said we were celebrating. My cousin had a little boy on my best friend's birthday! Then, Vin proposed again at Disney. I promise, y'all that post is coming. And, that this is the last time I'm changing guys. This was where I was supposed to be all along. Now we are just gearing up to close out the summer with a bang! Oh and it was A Pop of Jess's birthday month, did I mention that?!


Mary Kay Facial Wipes - If you've ever gone to a Mary Kay party recently you know they give you the disposal facial wipes to clean off your face? Just ask your rep and they can you these. Do not use the link I used, I just wanted you to have a visual. My rep got me these cloths which are amazing!


Plant Therapy Mountain Air - Healthcare is one of the new categories. And you probably will see a lot of things that are oil-related in this category. My kids and I love this smell. It takes us back to our home away from home, The Wilderness Lodge. The kids love it when I diffuse it. We have really enjoyed the synergy blends from Plant Therapy


BCG Women's Molded Cup Mid Impact Sports Bra - Upper body workouts call for a better sports bra. I even wore this at Disney World in July, proving that it is breathable. I feel secure in this bra, instead of feeling like I'm going to pop a show for everyone.


Erin Condren Planner Folio - Large - I used to think I didn't need to protect my planner. But after using this for a month, I believe I shall always use this planner folio. I bought the large one so that I could add an extra notebook and the organization part allows for more. It's so easy to carry around. It's a great product from Erin Condren.


Kane Brown - I'm so blaming my coworker for this. She got me hooked on him. I was in her office and she was talking about his voice and it was just one of those songs you feel like you know it before you've even heard it. It was wonderful. His voice really does do something. I cannot stop listening!


Great Value Buttermilk Ranch - Okay so I really love homemade buttermilk ranch. What's one thing I get tired of doing? Making it. So this is so ridiculously close that I keep going back to it. The whole house loves it! We really enjoy it with fries. Nothing tastes so good as ooey-gooey cheese fries with crumbled bacon and this!

New Obsession:

 Val Marie Prayer Journals - I do not own one of these gorgeous journals yet myself, but I've been obsessed with them ever since Lara Casey mentioned them. I'm hoping there will be one under the tree this Christmas from the launch this week!

Tried and True and Returning: 

MB2WATCHSLIDER Magic Band 2 Puck Keeper Watch Slider (Patent #D823841) - I'm not sure I have talked about this in the past. But trust me it is a tried and true returning favorite! I love not having to wear my magic band AND my Apple Watch. I remember the day I saw this while scrolling through Facebook, I was already not doing anything at work (obviously) I completely got up and started purchasing it immediately. I love it. It is becoming more popular, but used to people were in awe of this. It makes life so easy at Disney World.

Favorite Blog Post or YouTube Video:


I loved seeing the new Toy Story Land! Wow! The detail that Disney puts into lands is unlike anything else. Sure, Universal tries, but they don't even come close. Disney took the time to even think about the ground! Seriously! They have paid that close attention to detail!


Diffuse on the Move - This on-the-go car diffuser is something that my entire family loves! It has soothed children, it has soothed me. Plus, we love the scent memories that we make with this. This was a great purchase for our family as we become even oilier. We love essentials, and this is great and easy to use!

That's about all folks! What did you love in July? Let me know down below!


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